Marooned here?

Why hello there. I’m a young adult going through life,  journaling my eclectic expenditures along the way.

I  initially started this blog to journal my account with frequent dream recall and recurrent sleep paralysis. As so little is currently known about these topics with no surplus of  mainstream research supporting them, I feel opportunistic to share my experience firsthand. I also have somewhat of a vested interest in the early web, chiefly Web 2.0 in its infancy. Sites, apps, and their associated design paradigm of that era take me to a happier place 🤓 (mid 2000s – early 2010s).

Furthermore, I’m a huge music enthusiast. My favorite musical movement was the resurgence of symphonic metal, from the likes of Nightwish or similar. I also like Radiohead, Muse, and experimental/alternative music in general.

Articles related to sleep, language learning, software, gadgets, film, music,  literature, and life underway. Expect a few parodies now and again.

lv. 25

Thanks for stopping by,

I’m passionate about music, neurosciences, and have an addiction to cofee. Among my hobbies are singing, swimming, watching films, and nerding out 🤓


I am a Louisiana-born, California-raised, North Carolinian college student with a love for philosophy, history, languages, economics, and the Oxford comma. Currently, I am studying PWAD, German, and Russian at UNC.

Frequent guest author, and contributing pseudo-historian


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