Using Windows Vista in 2022: An Introspective

Let’s begin by revisiting August of 1995.

When Windows 95 was introduced, Microsoft set the stage for multitasked computing as we know it. Sure, some will argue its design principles were not unique to Redmond, but Microsoft’s initiative helped to influence the standardization of the modern window manager. Together, with the help of the Windows NT codebase Microsoft would later adopt, the personal computing industry was pushed into making faster hardware capable of utilizing these new design conventions that emphasized multitasked computing so heavily. This would eventually pave the way for the standardization of multi-threaded CPUs, like the one you’re probably using to view this webpage. Continue reading

The “V” Experiment

A satirical twist on the Russian Sleep Experiment creepypasta, covering my grievances with an unnamed video sharing community I’ll be referring to as “Video Site” throughout this piece.

Researchers in the late 2010s enlisted 5 internet personalities to abandon their YouTube channels for 15 days, moving instead to a smaller alternative startup. Their engagements with the surrounding community were to be kept to a minimum, since it was presumed to be increasingly toxic with each visit. Continue reading